Marriott Hotel Miami

For the Marriott hotel project, we've expertly integrated advanced lighting control into the Building Management System (BMS), delivering a seamless, energy-efficient solution. This bespoke system enhances guest comfort, reduces operational costs, and elevates the ambience through customizable, automated lighting scenes tailored to each space within the hotel.

The Outcome

The integration of sophisticated lighting control into the BMS resulted in a remarkable synergy between functionality and ambiance. Energy consumption was significantly reduced while guest experience was elevated, earning the hotel industry accolades for innovation and sustainability in its class. Including:

Retrofit dimming system
BMS (Building Management System) integration

“The retrofit of Marriott's lighting into our BMS was a formidable challenge, but the results are a testament to innovation and strategic engineering. The system's responsiveness and efficiency have set a new standard for smart hospitality, marking a milestone in our commitment to sustainable luxury”

Jose MorcilloCEO and FOUNDER