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We offer lighting control, visualisations systems, BMS solutions, HVAC integration and audio/video.

It doesn’t matter if it is a new project or a remodeling, a studio or a hotel, a shopping mall or an airport. WOLF solutions are adapted to all kinds of needs thanks to the standard technologies used. We are the experts in Building Automation.



We offer lighting and shading control, air conditioning integration, touch panels, design pushbuttons and keypads, audio/video solutions, and much more.

WOLF’s expertise in LED dimming is at the forefront with robust, standard and UL Listed equipment.


We believe in using standards for home and building automation. That is why, at WOLF, we work with KNX or DALI for lighting control, ensuring that we are not dependent on a single manufacturer.

We use robust Building Management Systems for the integration of all types of systems under one visualization, offering control, monitoring, alarms, graphics and much more.


We have realized the most beautiful engineering works on this planet over the sea. Mega yachts over 400 feet in length implement KNX and DALI based solutions for control.

WOLF is a technology supplier to major shipyards in Europe and America, offering services during development phases as well as periodic refits.

Various Display Options

From 5 to 21 inches, our control panels are capable of integrating lights, shading, air conditioning, music or alarms. In addition, smart devices can be integrated into the visualization.

Mobile App for iOS or Android

Now KNX and DALI can be controlled from your mobile device. No VPN required thanks to our secured cloud services. Switch on the AC before arriving home aor get notified when someone is at your front door. Intuitive, open, standard.

Intercom Integration

Forget to have several devices to control your home oro building. With our solutions, you will need just one. You can integrate the video intercom. And of course, open remotely or tell the delivery person to come back tomorrow.

LED dimming or tunable white

We love dimming! Our experience on field gave us the knowledge to control every light in the market, including retrofit lighting systems or integrating new ones such as HUE or DALI. Our Team is happy to help you in your projects!

Building Automation and BMS solutions by WOLF are easy to use, extremely powerful in the backend and dynamically adapted to every environment

Hospitality, multi-store management, airports, department stores, restaurants, and much more

Transform your spaces with WOLF:

Your one-stop solution for

Home, Commercial, and Marine Automation









What we can help you with

Take a quick look at our services by project type


  • Lighting Control
  • Shading Control
  • KNX | DALI | 0..10VDC control
  • Air Conditioning integrations
  • Keypads and touch panels
  • In Company Electrical Contractor 


  • Retrofit and support for KNX and DALI
  • Remote support
  • Maintenance services
  • Audio / Video
  • Training for CTO / ETO Team
  • Licensed and insured electrical contractor


  • New and retrofit lighting solutions
  • KNX | DALI | 0..10VDC control
  • Building Management Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Alarm and Monitoring solutions
  • In Company Electrical Contractor

Coaching and Training

  • KNX Basic Course
  • KNX Advanced Course
  • Automation Expert Course
  • Tailor Made trainings
  • Certified KNX++ Tutors
  • Subscription and one-time payment model

Main Reasons why our customer choose us

At WOLF, we don't just create smart environments; we innovate for a better, more connected future. Discover the difference of technology made simple yet powerful - your partner in transforming spaces

Integration of different systems

At WOLF, we understand the importance of cohesive automation. Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate various functionalities - from lighting and climate control to security and entertainment - ensuring a harmonious experience in both residential and commercial settings

User-Friendly Technology

We believe sophisticated technology should be accessible. Our user-friendly interfaces are intuitive and simple, enabling end-users to easily manage and enjoy the full potential of their smart spaces without the complexity

Balancing Quality with Affordability

Our mission is to deliver high-quality automation solutions that are both cost-effective and reliable. We strive to provide systems that offer the best value, ensuring they meet your budget and exceed your expectations in functionality and performance

Reliability and Support

Your peace of mind is our priority. We offer systems known for their reliability, backed by comprehensive customer support for troubleshooting, maintenance, and updates. Our team is always ready to assist, ensuring your systems operate smoothly over the long term

Future-Ready and Scalable Solutions

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, we provide scalable and upgradable solutions. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that your investment is future-proof, adaptable to emerging technologies and expanding needs

Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Systems

We are committed to sustainability. Our energy-efficient automation solutions not only reduce your carbon footprint but also contribute to significant energy savings, aligning with our goal to create eco-friendly smart environments.

Customization Meets Aesthetics

Every space is unique, and so are our solutions. We offer bespoke automation systems that are tailored to fit the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of your project, enhancing both its beauty and efficiency

Standardization and Compatibility in Automation

Embrace the power of industry standards with our commitment to using recognized systems like KNX, DALI, and BACnet. We ensure seamless integration and compatibility, providing a robust foundation for your automation needs. Whether it's enhancing flexibility or ensuring interoperability between different devices and systems, our approach guarantees a future-proof and cohesive automation environment.

Your Best Decision in Automation

Choosing WOLF for your automation needs isn't just a choice, it's the best decision for a smarter, more efficient, and connected future. We bring unparalleled expertise, innovation, and a customer-centric approach to every project, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Trust us to transform your spaces with cutting-edge technology that's tailored to your unique needs